Bye bye Bigalows! 

Day 111- 6/30/17 Stratton Motel to West carry pond shelter 23.4 miles. 2024.5 Total miles.
Today I was in a much better mindset! I tackled the bigelows with a mission and before I knew it I was done with them. They were my last tough set of mountains other than mount Katahdin! I’m on the home stretch and couldn’t be more excited! 

Towards the end of the day my knees began to ache but nothing too bad. I got to camp and the shelter only had room for 1, so I let Timber take that spot and I’m sleeping on the floor of the shelter. Nothing could slow me down! I have Katahdin tunnel vision so I’m willing to sleep anywhere! 

3 thoughts on “Bye bye Bigalows! 

  1. Looks like about a week and you will have the AT behind you! Praying that God will place your next phase of life so clearly before you that you will be able to attack it with equal energy and focus. Blessings to you.

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